Monday, February 9, 2009

The missing month...

January came and went without a Blog update here. No you didn't miss a posting, I've just been so busy with unpacking, the house, the floor, the wood, and life in general that updates to the blog became non-existent. I also managed a trip back to Connecticut for a week, so as you can tell I have been busy.

It continues to snow. We pretty much get a dusting at some point during each day. Even now, though the sun is out I can see the flurries coming down. Our free time pretty much revolves around the wood stove. We always seem to be:

1. Bringing wood into the house
2. Bringing wood in from the meadow
3. Splitting wood in the driveway
4. Stacking wood on the porch

But the stove is working great and it appears we only burn 2 gallons of oil per day, and that includes our oil fired hot water heater!

Rick has been working on the downstairs floors. I'll be posting some of those pics soon. The dogs are loving all the freedom and we take them for a daily walk along Andy's Creek down to the waterfalls and then back along the St. Regis River to the Gazebo and Dianne's clearing. We look forward to that walk each day because the landscape changes, different parts of the river freeze and things are constantly in motion.

I hope to get the pics up soon....

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