Thursday, December 25, 2008

The stair rail...

The stair rail going down.
Richard had built the railing...

Installed it for size and fit...then took it down again.

The railing going up! While Mike was laying the chimney stone the railing came down and up a few times checking for fit with the stones.


Denise said...

I like the rustic railing. Anything else wouldn't look right. Your woodburner is beautiful.

Treefort said... I have been reading or at least scanning your blog for a while now. I would love to communicate with you via email if you will answer some questions for me.
I am interested n building a log cabin. What dealer did yu use? Or what log company? Are they kiln dried?
What style...round on 2 sides, etc? What do you like/not like? What would you do differently? Any advice?
Thank you.

Treefort said...

By the way, here is my blog:

Rick and Dianne said...


We used Lok N Logs out of Sherburne NY. They are kiln dried and borate treated. And yes, they are rounded on both sides. The Lok N Log company was wonderful and our project manager was terrific in every aspect.

This was the second log home we had built. The first was back in 1979 and we lived in that original log home for 28+ years. As we learned most of our lessons the first time around, we had a pretty good idea what we wanted this time.

And (by the way) I've tried to go to your blog but I can't get there. My computer freezes every time I try. And also sorry for the very late reply here. I've badly neglected this blog while trying to unpack. We are still under construction here. Rick is installing hardwood maple floors throughout the downstairs and there is always something that needs to be done!