Monday, November 24, 2008

Wall switch plates...

This one is at the bottom of the stairs. We think it's really neat...and very appropriate for the cabin.
This was a special Christmas present from my sister about 5 years ago.

And yes, I am a Bear Lover!
Some day I will share with you all my "Bear Tales"...( a compilation of stories about the bears and their excitement leading up to the Christmas Holidays of years past).


Shellmo said...

Your switch plates are great and love the bears! I am a switch plate person too! (Loons, moose and pine trees)

Rick and Dianne said...

Yes, and I love all your switchplates. Right now we only have a few special ones. I hope to replace more over the years. I have my eye on some in the catalogs, I just have to watch the pennies right now.