Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sensory Overload...

We arrived last Friday (a week ago now) and there was all sorts of good things going on! I just walked around looking in awe at all sorts of progress. The doors to the rooms, closets, and basement were being installed. The electric panel in the basement was having all its wires numbered and named. We had outside lights working. We had bathroom and kitchen lights working. The garage had electricity...and the garage doors worked like a charm. We had a furnace sitting in the garage (now it's found it's way to the basement). Rick and I picked up our oil tank at the Home Depot and trailered it out to Nicholville. Anyway, every place I looked there was something new to see. It was all very exciting and impressive.
We have begun to move our boxes out to the garage. Only the ones we never opened since we moved. We are beginning to fill up the garage out there as we can't move into the house "quite yet" but it is a good thing to get started. We gave our landlady "one month notice" so we will be in the log home on or before December first!!!
And...we put in an order with Mother Nature for Mike. He badly needed 4 good warm days so he could lay the stone on the outside of the chimney (only the stone for the roof) as he can do the interior stone no matter what weather we are having. We actually feared Mother Nature would say "NO" as we still had snow on the ground...So all you people out there enjoying this nice warm summer weather in November...well... you can all Thank Mike. And I can't wait to show you pics of his creation with the stone for our chimney!


Shellmo said...

I can't wait to see how the chimney turns out! Does this mean no thanksgiving at the cabin???

Rick and Dianne said...

You'd think it was possible, yet I'm guessing we might not make it!
I really think we'll be right in the middle of moving furniture!