Friday, September 5, 2008

Did I mention Hot and Dry conditions???

So, remember how I was complaining about all the rain earlier this summer? Well, now that there's no rain I've been forced to water the trees that we planted back in the spring. We had watered them ourselves the first two weeks or so and then Mother Nature was watering them for us. As we still don't have running water at the house, I've been filling buckets at Andy's Creek and using the tractor and trailer to help do the watering. It's working nicely and all the trees are doing well.
And, yes...I do talk to them...*silly grin*


Shellmo said...

Your are working hard! I'm going to do my rain dance for you and pray for rain! (We need it too for our trees!)

Rick and Dianne said...

Yep we do need the rain now. And may be getting some today or tomorrow. If not I'll be back out on the tractor bringing water to the trees...

We have a big weekend planned. Rick's Texas relatives (Aunt and cousin) are arriving late afternoon! They are on a ROAD TRIP and we can't wait to see them.