Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another month...another state of affairs missive...

Labor Day is over and the long weekend is at an end. We are closer to a move-in date! Although nothing is written in stone yet. We are hopeful that things will come together. There's lots happening behind the scenes. Our well should be hooked up and running today or tomorrow! Water to the house...WOW...I keep hearing 6 weeks...but my personal feeling is Halloween! I think that would be a fitting day. We moved into our Bethany Log Home on Halloween 1979!
So, moving into our new log home 29 years later (to the day) seems to be fitting.

Our doors (Timber Valley WI) are on the way and should be here any day. Once we can lock up the home we will be bringing out the bathroom fixtures, lights, toilets, vanities and all the rest of the items we have been accumulating over the past 6 months.

The Kitchen Cabinets are under construction as I type (rustic hickory if anyone needs to know). They should be ready in about 3 weeks now. Our maple flooring for downstairs is ready to be picked up from the kiln. We will most likely be moving in before the floor is laid. That will be our first project AFTER we move in.

We have chosen Buck's County Limestone for the chimney and hearth. We have a wonderful woodstove (in lieu of a real firelplace). We anticipate heating with the woodstove as much as possible. It's centrally located and we have ducts thru the stairwell wall with fans to bring the heat to the bedrooms. The stove is called a "Schrader Fireplace" and the company is long since out of business. This is our original wood stove which we took with us when we moved. It's a large oversized wood stove with doors that open and fold back and a screen that let's you enjoy the beauty of the fire when you want to just sit in front of it! We have lots of wood that's been seasoning since March (when we cut down the trees we saved and stacked the wood).

Our appliances are just waiting for the "OK" from us to deliver. We are excited!

Rick and Andy continue to shingle the roof of the garage (same shingles that are on the house) and Andy's son Dan has several times given up his weekends to help us. He bounces around that roof as if he were only 3 feet off the ground and does the work of 2 men. I bow in the presence of GREATNESS...(Thanks Dan)

So, that's where we stand currently. Make no mistake there is still much to be done, but things are really coming along and each day brings us closer to being able to wake up in our new home and enjoy the feeling of contentment.


Shellmo said...

That would be great if you're in by Halloween! You can still decorate for the fall season...

Rick and Dianne said...

*fingers crossed*

Oh yes, pumpkins on the doorstep! And I have a witch somewhere just waiting to howl...now if I can only find which box she is packed in!

Catherine Holman said...

My husband and I have always wanted a log cabin. Congratulations on your new home!