Friday, July 11, 2008

Work on the back dormer sides...

Enclosing the back dormer. You can't see it but we also have some shingles in that area.

From the inside. That wall will be the master bath. Well, the dormer part...the window in the center is in the master bedroom. The window to the left is the bathroom window.


Shellmo said...

The one thing I wish we would've done w/ our design was to have had dormers. Your will be great!

Rick & Dianne said...

We learned the first time around how important dormers are. The front dormer was one modification we insisted on. We felt it would make the master bedroom much more spacious and give us an extra wall for furniture.

Our other modification was the "bump-out" in the living room, with a picture window. I felt that without that, the house was just too square. We are very happy with both our modifications to the original design.