Monday, July 14, 2008

Our bonus room...

The design called for a full basement. Once the excavator started it became clear to us that the slope of the land in back called for a walk-out basement. We scrambled, ordered 4 more windows and bought a door. And the foundation ended up being about two thirds concrete and the side of the house and part of the back of the house turned into 3 stories. We'll get an extra room down there, one with lots of light. And a door out the side.

Rick is still talking building the model railroad again, so we are still negotiating exactly how much space I can have for my books.


Shellmo said...

We were happy to have our walkout basement too - we added the egress window for another bedroom & then the sliding glass doors and big windows out towards the lakeside for the daylight effect.
I'm really getting addicted to watching the progress of your project!!

Rick and Dianne said...

We are glad you are enjoying it. I also enjoy following how other people's projects are going (like yours for example...I've spent hours looking through your early posts).