Thursday, July 31, 2008

From the inside...

A view from the living room up to the loft. There will be a log railing there.

That speck of blue on the ridge beam is for our hanging ceiling fan/light.

I really like all the interesting ceiling lines. Sometimes it's been hard to visualize what things will ultimately look like.


Shellmo said...

The ceiling already looks fabulous!

EllenSDP said...

I totally agree with Shellmo there. And it got a question of mine answered (I never asked it ;)) aboy your electrics! See.. I have never seen a house build thís fast and from all wood. Sure we build our own too (err, sorta) but all stone and I do recall all plastic pipes etc. for later electrics having to put in early!

Have I told you lately how awesome your house is? No? Your house is looking AWESOME!!