Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The exterior staining is finished...

While the painters were staining the logs, the crew got busy with siding the dormers.

By the time the logs were stained the dormers were ready for their coat.
The timing was perfect for staining. We had a full week of warm temps without rain.

We love the finished look!

And yes, the day AFTER the staining was finished the rains came back again. But, at least Mother Nature was sunny for long enough to finish!


Shellmo said...

Looking fabulous!!! Glad the weather held out for you - it's so hard to time those things.

Rick and Dianne said...

And it's still raining around here. We really haven't seen the sun since Friday mid-day (just when the painters were finishing up). And the rains didn't start until the wee hours of Sat. morning.

But we can't complain, it's done now and that's what counts.