Monday, June 2, 2008

Where are we? Eh?

We are in North Country. So named because the rivers coming down off of the Northern Adirondacks flow north to the St. Lawrence River.

About Nicholville - it's a borough - it spans a few towns; it has it's own volunteer fire dept; it's own post office but no government; we actually will live in the town of Hopkinton. Confused? Good. Me to. eh?

I always thought that ending a sentence with the word "eh?" was a Canadian thang. Wrong - it's also a North Country thang. In fact many of the locals up here have what I would call a Canadian accent. The gal in the Nicholville phone company office accused me of having an accent (some kinda southern New England drawl). Did I slip Nicholville phone company past ya? Yep - Nicholville has it's own phone company - all 2,000 customers..... "eh?"


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