Monday, June 2, 2008

my first MOB's - liquid manure and stuff

MOB = Missive; Observation; or Babblings

Liquid Manure - Our property in Nicholville is in the foothills of the Northern Adirondacks. It is just within the boundaries of the Adirondack State Park - therefore we are subject to their rules and regulations. My brother calls them environmental Nazi's'. To be fair they have treated us great. Eh?

Ooop's - I lost focus there. Anywho - just North of our property begins farm land. A few times a season farmers spray their fields with Liquid Manure; using big tanks towed by a tractor; spraying about a 60 foot wide path. Never on God's green earth have you ever smelled something so foul. After having your nostrils assaulted by this &*^% plain old manure smells good. It's extra special if you are driving along a field while it's being sprayed and your car is within the 60 feet of spray. That's when you really find out how good your wind shield wipers are (while at the same time looking for a barf bag). Eh?

Driving - speed limits

Aside from the occasional run in with you know what (see above) driving up here is pure joy. No traffic and 98% of the roads; including back roads; the speed limit is 55. Towns and some local spots have speed zones so ya drop down to 45; 35; whatever. The rule is you can get away with up to 10 miles per hour over the limit. It's all State Police up here (very few towns have their own dept's) and the jar dons are very serious about nailing speeders; especially in speed zones - but get this - 99% of folks up here follow the speed limits and are very courteous to boot. Very strange coming from a state whose drivers are influenced by Massachusetts and New York City. It truly is the bizarro word of driving up here. Eh?


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