Sunday, August 9, 2009

A slow process...

We've had logs like these scattered all over the front, side and back yard. Slowly we picked them up and some we saved, others we decided we'd never use. These were the last ones left in the front yard (amongst all the weeds, little leftover bits of wood and rocks). These were good long sturdy logs just crying out to be saved!
Yesterday Andy and Adam came over and it took the 4 of us, but we are finally down to just weeds and rocks left! The logs in the top picture were more than Rick and I could handle on our own and I've been looking at them for a few weeks now, wondering how we were going to get them out of there.
A big THANK YOU to both Adam and Andy!!!
You both are my HEROES!

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Anne said...

I am *SO* looking forward to a finished house so I can start on this phase of the project! I have to keep myself from fixating on the lumber, logs, random rocks, etc. ALL OVER the house build site. *sigh* I'll just keep up with your progress on the blog and project myself into that future! =)