Saturday, June 27, 2009

We've been busy...

I must duly note that Rick has been much busier than I have! I took a week off to head to Milford and then fly to Florida with my sister to visit my Dad and MJ. It's the first time I have flown in 37 years and will admit to extreme nerves. I was too nervous to really enjoy the flight down, but it was easier than I anticipated and I had Lois with me. "We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all" kind of sums up our travel abilities!
The flight home was truly amazing where I had the window seat and got great views of the entire east coast as we flew North over the Atlantic Ocean. The crowning glory was flying directly over Long Island Sound where Rick and I spent many years boating. We flew directly over PJ and Middle Ground and got a wonderful view of NYC (alas, too far in the distance to pick out anything other than the Empire State Building).
We both had a wonderful visit with Dad, got to swim in his pool...ate some wonderful dinners and just enjoyed ourselves and his company greatly!
While I was away Rick took care of the dogs and the house. He finished splitting all our wood at Schrader Logging. Then he started in washing down all the wood on the garage in preparation for staining. The garage wood had dried out in our meadow last spring and consequently had many different and various shades, designs and lines permanently "weathered" into the boards. His plan was to wash the entire garage and try to blend in the "worst" of the markings. He did a wonderful job and by the time I arrived back from my trip he was ready to stain it all.
And we've been busy now (very busy) since I returned!

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