Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to the house (upstairs) the framing continues...

View from dormer window to bedroom hallway. On left of the small window is a walk-in closet. On the right is the bathroom.

View from bedroom hall...bathroom now on left and walk-in closet on right.
This picture is one of my favorites! I finally got the sense of how the finished bedroom will look. The main part of the bedroom is 14 X 17. The little hallway is 4ft 6in wide. The walk-in closet and bathroom are 10 X 6 each.

I have to add that this was entirely Rick's own design. He took into account the measurements of all our bedroom furniture. Made sure the walls would be the correct size. He insisted on the walk-in closet. It all looked good on paper! I'm here to tell you that master bedroom is fantastic!

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