Sunday, April 26, 2009

Construction begins on the deck...

The deck wraps around the back corner of the house.

One side...that's the basement door and seeing this I realize I really need to pain that door!

That's the dining room door that will open out onto the deck. This is the back of our house!

And the wood pile continues to grow...

We were trying to do some each day. Then I hurt my knee. It's better now...

Luckily the knee happened just as a period of rainy weather arrived, so we really didn't lose too many nice days to the injury.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chaos at the Cabin...

Rick had just finished laying the dining room floor. This doesn't look like chaos...

Well now it's getting a bit more crowded.

Once I finished putting on the gym spar...well that's when chaos arrived. Rick was beginning on the living room and everything had to be moved around. We are still bumping into things in this area. The living room is fairly large and is taking much longer than anticipated.
Part of the reason is our running out to the meadow to cut and split wood.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Schrader Landing turns into Schrader Logging!

We've had 2 deliveries of "log Lengths" that we are cutting up and splitting ourselves. Each delivery consists of about 30 logs each about 10 to 13 foot in length. We've had glorious weather and need to get it all cut so it can "dry" for the summer. We'll then stack it on the proch and in our metal shed. Rick does all the chain sawing and I run the splitter! I've been having fun! Yes, I really enjoy running the splitter!!